Enhance Your Dive Below the Surface
Continue the Adventure Above


Continue The Adventure Above

Deepblu is a social platform built for divers with stories to tell. Explore the underwater world from diverse perspectives and share your own experiences to excite and inspire others.

Because diving is as much about the people as it is about the experience.



The Next Innovation In Dive Computing

The COSMIQ Dive Companion from Deepblu is the hardware component of a system that allows divers to continue their diving experience after completing a dive. COSMIQ goes beyond the essential functions of a dive computer. With the click of a button, it syncs with the Deepblu Mobile App allowing divers to effortlessly create a digital dive log.


Sync Your Dive Data Into Digital Dive Logs Automatically

Create an Enriched Timeline Mapping Your Dive Profile

Join an Online Diving Community Built on Collaboration

About Us

We are a team of divers and technology enthusiasts on a mission to make life easy for divers. Deepblu aims to simplify the process of creating dive logs and revolutionize the way divers interact between dives.

Our vision is to create the best diving experience below AND above the surface. So we’ve created a group of products that make it easy for divers to capture, preserve, and share their dive stories.


If there’s one thing that brings divers together, it’s our shared passion for the ocean. Deepblu hopes to spread our love for diving and empower divers to raise awareness to protect marine life and preserve our oceans by giving divers a platform and a voice within our global community.

In truth, the Deepblu Community is created by you, the passionate divers who share our belief that “one more person loving the ocean is one step closer to saving it.”

Dive on.